Oracle High Performance SQL, PL/SQL and Tuning (unofficial)

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Predavatelji:Miran Kirn
Prodajalec:Oracle (Unofficial)
Kategorija prodajalca:Database
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Cena:2.350€ + DDV

This BC Oracle PL/SQL programming & Tuning Training class is an intense course that is designed to give the student maximum exposure to Oracle PL/SQL tuning and performance optimization.  The student learns by example, studying actual performance case studies.


  • Controlling User Access
  • Managing Objects with Data Dictionary View
  • Manipulating Large Data Sets
  • Regular Expression Support (RegExp)
  • Create indexes and constraints; alter existing schema objects.
  • Hierarchical Queries
  • Recover data from database using flashback querries
  • WITH clause
  • Pivot / Unpivot
  • Use SQL with aggregation operators.
  • SQL for Analysis and Reporting functions
  • Group and aggregate data using the ROLLUP and CUBE operators
  • The GROUPING function
  • Composite Columns and the concatenated Groupings
  • CUME_DIST (cumulative distribution)
  • The LAG/LEAD Functions
  • LISTAGG function
  • Aggregate functions VS Analytic Part
  • Aggregate functions & windowing clause In-Depth
  • Moving Average and running totals

SQL Tuning

  •  Find the poorly performing queries
  •  Learn Advanced Query Tuning Techniques
  •  Understand the Database Architecture to perform Better Tuning Techniques
  •  Learn Advanced Indexing Techniques to Maximize Database Performance
  •  Learn how to use various Performance Tuning Tools
  •  Compare BAD vs GOOD Queries with Hands-on Examples.
  •  Gather Statistics for the bad SQLs
  •  Interpret the Execution Plans with different methods
  •  Choose an appropriate SQL tuning approach
  •  Guide the Oracle Optimizer for a better execution
  •  Use various tuning techniques like using bind variables, different types of indexes


  •  Working with Composite Data Types
  •  Using Explicit Cursors
  •  Handling Exceptions
  •  Using Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development
  •  Using Dynamic SQL
  •  Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code
  •  Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers
  •  Conditional 
  •  Perform Data processing using Records and Cursors
  •  Manage data using Collections
  •  Peform Bulk Processing to improve performance
  •  Execute SQL using Dynamic SQL
  •  Pipelining the data as it is processed
  •  Working with Large Objects (LOB's)

This PL/SQL tuning training course is designed for practicing Oracle PL/SQL professionals who have basic experience with PL/SQL and the use of a procedural language. Prior experience with PL/SQL is not required, but experience with a relational database is highly desirable.

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10. december 2024 - 20. december 2024

  • Cena: 2.350€ + DDV
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  • Izvajalci: Miran Kirn
  • 10.12.2024, 09:00-17:00
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