iOS Developer Course

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Trajanje (dni):6
Tip učenja:Preko spleta
Cena:1.035€ + DDV

Through an advanced, immersive, and comprehensive iOS training, programmers become modern, innovative iOS developers.

Training is designed for developers interested in using the latest technologies to create innovative cutting edge applications that enhance the user experience. Goal of training is to provide an unparalleled tight knit learning environment that allows clients to continue to push iOS development further.

We do not provide a computer for the class. Please, make sure to bring your own computer with the latest version of Xcode already installed. You can download the latest version from the Mac AppStore or from the Apple Developer Website.


Day 1: Introduction to the world of iOS development

  • Swift programming language basics: overview of basic concepts by using examples, and comparing differences to other programming languages.
  • xCode editor: creating projects, simulators, physical device.
  • Terminology, iOS development rules, available tools.

Day 2: Developing a very simple application (show list)

  • Introduction to Storyboards, building a graphical user interface in Storyboards, using XIB (including Autolayout and constraints).
  • Implementing a list (UITableViewController), and using custom cells to show data.
  • Overview of an application's lifecycle (execution state).
  • Best practices to break up implementation.

Day 3 and 4: Developing a simple application

  • Complex usage of UIStoryboards, XIB, and using previously unused UI elements.
  • Implementing UICollectionView and cells to show data.
  • Using UserDefaults and KeyChain.
  • Integrating MapKit and showing map location.
  • Integrating PushNotifications (requires a physical device to test).
  • Develop a display with details.
  • 'Simulate' a real developement environment – design UI applications according to a given design (Zeplin).
  • Working with networks (JSON).
  • Integrating 3rd party libraries (cocoapods) and potential pitfalls.

Day 5 How to do something in iOS (optional)*

  • Introduction to animations.
  • Common mistakes when writing code for the Apple platform (memory leak) - using weak, unowned.
  • Defining and implementing your own protocol.
  • Developing hybrid applications (combining web and native applications) – conceptual overview, WKWebView .

Fundamental Computer Science skills; Object-oriented programming basics; Basic experience in a programming language.

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