Apache / MySQL / PHP

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Prodajalec:Web developer
Kategorija prodajalca:Web developer
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This course will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to understand and set up your own Apache web server, which will be later on used to host your dynamic web site,  written in programming language PHP. This web application will also use MySQL database for manipulation with data. You will learn the basics of both, PHP and MySQL along with the knowledge of HTTP protocol and web services.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • HTTP protocol and Web services
  • Apache 2.0 - the structure and functionalities
  • The basics of databases
  • MySQL server 5.0 - the structure and functionalities
  • The basics of scripting language PHP


Part 1

Web services

  • HTTP protocol (request - response)
  • Static and dynamic web content
  • Web services architecture
  • LAMP / WAMP Environment and web services



  • Brief history
  • Server structure (module, filter, handler)
  • Request processing on the server
  • Basic configuration files and settings (for Windows and Linux)
  • Installation and server management


Part 2

Database 101

  • Database, table, column, field
  • Indexes and keys
  • Relations between tables and references
  • Views, triggers, transactions


MySQL Server

  • Brief history
  • Structure and function (translation and query execution, data storage)
  • Basic tools for working with the database (management, queries, backup)
  • Basic commands for data manipulation
  • Server configuration and database configuration


Part 3

PHP scripting language

  • Brief history
  • Integration with Web servers
  • The basics of scripting language (data types, variables, expressions and operators, functions and methods, control structures, built-in variables)
  • The use of modules in PHP (mysql, mail)
  • Basic PHP configuration (php.ini, safe mode, modules)


Part 4

Practical exercises

  • Installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu Server (Linux)
  • Basic Linux commands exercise
  • The environment settings and data import
  • Simple web applications 101
  • Adapting Web application
  • No specific prior knowledge is needed
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Some familiarity with command line interfaces is helpful

The workshop will be held in a Linux environment with individual cases in a Windows environment. For those who are unskilled with the work in Linux, we will provide a brief description of the operation of basic tools and the environment.

Trenutno ni na voljo nobenih terminov. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte na telefonsko številko: 01 568 40 40 ali trzenje@housing.si.