Business analytics

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Nivo:For business leaders
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Teme:End user, Business Skills
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Business analytics is a set of tasks, skills and techniques necessary to identify business needs, to find solutions to business problems and to find and realize business opportunities. It helps organizations in carrying out their business functions, processes and activities in order to reduce the total cost, more efficiently exploit resources and provide better customer support. One of the most important tasks of business analyst is to deal with requirements.


I./II. lecture

  • Globalization, challenges in the current business and IT trends
  • Role of Business Analyst and Project Manager
  • Business analysis and processes in different type of organization , BI, OLAP, Data Mining, CRM, ERP
  • Metrics in Information Systems
  • Methods, tools and approaches to managie and improve business processes and work in organization
  • benchmarking, BSC, ABC ...
  • TQM, ISO, Six Sigma, EFQM ...
  • WFMS
  • Pareto rule
  • Metrics
  • Change and reengineering of business processes
  •  ... ..
  • Bases of modelling

III / IV. lecture

  • BABOK concepts and principles
  • The role of the business analyst according to BABOK
  • Necessary knowledge, skills and competences Business Analyst
  • Win-Win thinking,
  • Importance EIQ
  • How to manage conflicts
  • Modeling (data, process, process logic), E-R diagrams, normalization, DFD, EPC diagrams,  decision trees…
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Communication and communication skills
  • Tools Business Analyst
  • SWOT, PEST analysis, different type of estimations
  • Focus groups, functional decomposition, root cause analysis ....
  • Financial analysis - ROI, IRR, EVA, CBA, money payback period PERT analysis ...
  • Monte Carlo method
  • Feasibility Study
  • CBA
  • Definition of business processes
  • Requirement managemet
  • Requirement elicitations
  • Interview
  • observation
  • Questionnaires
  • Analysis of the current situation ....
  • ... ..
  • Reasons for changes in processes and barriers to change processes
  • Change management

V./VI lecture

  • Supplier management, RFI, RFQ, RFP
  • Prototyping, JAD, Scrum ....
  • Risks quantitative and qualitative risk analysis
  • Risk Metrics
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk Exposure
  • Moscow list
  • Timeboxing
  • Assumptions and limitations (assumptions, constraints)
  • Business rules
  • The testing strategy
  • Trends and developments in business analytics in the future
  • Real and practical examples
  • Conclusion, discussion
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