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Nivo:For IT professionals
Kategorija prodajalca:Business skills
Teme:Business Skills
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The course is particularly suitable for managers, decision makers and managerial staff in IT, CIO of IT architects, and possibly also for other managerial staff, who are responsible for IT, but are not IT specialists.



Business knowledge and methods

  • Defining the short-term and long-term IT strategies and IT architecture
  • Alignment of IT strategy, key IT objectives with the impact of external and internal factors on the company and its strategy and vision
  • Organizational design - a look at the organization through processes and buyers of companies and our IT services; Adding Business Value
  • Project work, project portfolio prioritization and competences
  • Planning and management of resources (finance, people, resources and equipment)
  • Preparation of the "business case" for introducing new solutions or major changes
  • Methods of evaluation of different solutions (financial and non-financial factors - how they "measure"), ABC method, CBA analysis ....
  • Business processes (planning and planning and management)
  • KPIs and business metrics, and IT Benchmarking, SLA
  • Change management and risk innovation as a driver of development (technology, new business models ...)
  • Generic "soft skill" knowledge of IT Architect (communication, negotiation, LeaderSIP, teamwork, strong EIQ etc ...)
  • IT industry standards and best practices

Technological skills and concepts

  • Architectural approaches and SW architecture (Cloud Computing, dataflow, Layered, Middleware. 2/3 / n-level architecture, Rich Client, Service Oriented, Thin client, P2P ...)
  • Architecture and defining building blocks of IT solutions (network, security, logical and physical data model, integration, system management, etc ...)
  • A Brief Look and comparison različnh framework's architecture (RM-ODP, Zachman, TOGAF, 4 + 1 View Model ...)
  • Look at the IT architecture over the requirements (Requirements), the logical view of the data model and the view of the implementation process of vision.
  • Requirements (requirement), various types of requirements, quality requirements and restrictions on when the requirements are 'good', prioritization of requirements
  • Concepts design architecture - how to recognize and what are the characteristics of a "good" based IT architecture, 10 different principles / approaches (eg. The principle of modularity, inkrementalnosti, abstraknosti, treace-ability, etc ...). Different concepts (object approach, Component, metaprogramiranje, MDSD, etc. ...)
  • Modeling - basic concepts, four-level architecture modeling, UML diagrams and UML, MOF.
  • Middleware systems (CORBA, .NET, Java RMI, P2P ...)
  • Data model and the database (relational, object ..).
  • The most important platforne components - .NET, JEE, CCM.
  • System integration and interfaces and data exchange - XML, Web services ...
  • SDLC and agile approach to software development and IT solutions
  • A comprehensive view of the establishment and implementation of IT architecture (SW data part, network security system 'works, integration, management, HW ...)

Prerequisites :

Required knowledge - have at least some basic general knowledge of IT concepts and of the architecture of information systems. Requested basic knowledge of networks, databases, information security, and general business skills.

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27. september 2022 - 29. september 2022

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