Microsoft Project 2016

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Kategorija prodajalca:Microsoft .NET Framework
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Cena:600€ + DDV

Microsoft Project 2016 is a project management software program created for businesses and freelance professionals to help better manage individual projects that occur within companies.  Although no project management software should be used to replace project management techniques or adequate training of management and staff, Project 2016 can and will improve the efficiency, organization, and sometimes even the speed of which a project is completed.

This course will teach you how to successfully use MS Project 2016, no matter if you've ever used the program before or not.  Both the beginner and seasoned Project user can benefit from this course, starting with the basics of the program including navigation and continuing on to more advanced features.

You will learn how to:

·    Plan for a project

·    Use templates to create projects in Project 2016

·    Create, manage, schedule, and track tasks

·    Create, manage, assign, and track resources

·    Work with deadlines and constraints

·    Troubleshoot problems, delays, and conflicts

·    Use dependencies to help schedule tasks

·    Work with lag time and lead time when dealing with tasks

·    Create baselines and interim plans

·    Run reports

·    Print reports and project information

·    And more


Course lessons:

  • Introduction to MS Project 2016
  • Getting Started in Project 2016
  • Defining and Creating Projects
  • Project 2016 Views
  • Calendars
  • Organizing Tasks
  • Working with Task Duration, Constraints, and Deadlines
  • Introducing Dependencies
  • Working with Resources
  • Resource Management
  • Tracking Work in Project
  • Communication and Progress Updates
  • Using Baselines
  • Customizing and Formatting Your Project
  • Running Reports
  • Consolidating Projects and Resources
  • Printing Project Information



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