Microsoft SQL Introduction and Advanced - Combo Course (unofficial)

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Kategorija prodajalca:SQL Server
Teme:Database, Server
Trajanje (dni):5
Tip učenja:V učilnici
Cena:480€ + DDV

This course is designed for customers who are interested in learning the complete overview of Micrsoft SQL. Course is designed for begginers and those who want to deepen their existing knowledge to more experienced level. Please check for more details in the next tab.

Introduction to T-SQL

  • basics of SQL strežnika
  • T-SQL teory of masses
  • how SQL Server implements T-SQL commands (read, write, transactions ...)

DML commands

  • command SELECT
  • command INSERT
  • command DELETE
  • command UPDATE

Reading data from multiple tables

  • command INNER JOIN
  • command OUTER JOIN
  • command CROSS JOIN

Making groups of data when reading

  • command GROUP BY
  • command HAVING

Using  subquery

  • command SELECT part of SELECT sentense
  • command FROM part of SELECT sentence
  • command WHERE part of SELECT sentence

Mass commands for expanding and restriction record

  • command UNION
  • command EXCEPT
  • command INTERSECT

Making groups of data when reading

  • command COMPUTE and COMPUTE BY
  • command CUBE and ROLLUP

Procedure command in T-SQL 

  • command IF
  • command CASE
  • command WHILE

Temporarily tables and variables

  • temporary tables
  • using variables
  • using ''table'' variables

''Common table expressions'' (CTE)

Working with cursors

  • object CURSOR construction
  • reading and writing data using cursors


  • index using
  • comparing performance using different commands (JOIN against subqueries, ...)

This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality
  • basic knowledge of Transact-SQL


This course trainer is Jure Svažič.

Trenutno ni na voljo nobenih terminov. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte na telefonsko številko: 01 568 40 40 ali