PostgreSQL Essential

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Relational databases today are a backbone of the modern information systems. PostgreSQL is a great tool for a many different reasons. First of all, Postgre is an open source software with very active development, both community and commercial customer support, and has a very wide user base. That is why PostgreSQL is very feature-rich DBMS, secure, reliable, cost-effective and can be adapted to the specific needs of any project. Knowledge of working with PostgreSQL RDBMS is today desired, and often a required qualification. Learn how to install and manage PostgreSQL and use it as an advantage in the quest for a next project or job.


Quick introduction to a powerful PostgreSQL RDBMS will help you to understand and use this very popular open source system for management of the databases. You will learn not only the "enterprise class" features in 10.x versions, but also discover that the PostgreSQL is more than a DB management system - it is an impressive application platform.

Let us teach you the basics of administration operations like installation of the PostgreSQL and basics of the relational databases with PostgreSQL. We will cover Data Definition Language (DDL) with emphasis for PostgreSQL and general DDL commands contained in ANSI/ISO SQL standard. After that you will learn how to implement the data model into a database structure, eg. creating tables, setting integrity constraints, defining indexes, creating views and other schema objects.

You will also learn the Data Manipulation Language (DML), and advanced subjects like locking and multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) system. This will provide you very thorough essential knowledge, to enable you to tune and debug your applications. At the end you will be familiarized with the options like NoSQL capabilities of PostgreSQL-a, together with Hstore, XML, JSON and arrays.

Target audience

This education is intended for all IT experts interested to advance their careers by learning the essentials of a very popular transactional open source database management system.

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Relational Databases
  • In Action
  • Basic Building Blocks
  • Advanced Building Blocks
  • SQL Language Synthax
  • Advanced Queries
  • PL/pgSQL
  • Security
  • System Catalog and System Administration Functions
  • Database Performance Optimization
  • Beyond Conventional Data types

Toni Njirić

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30. september 2024 - 3. oktober 2024

  • Cena: 1.147€ + DDV
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