Programming Essentials in C++

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C++ is a computer programming language that contains the feature of C programming language as well as Simula67( a first object Oriented language). C++ introduced the concept of Class and Objects. 

This course covers all the basics of programming in the C++ programming language as well as the fundamental concepts and techniques used in object-oriented programming. The course starts with some universal basics, without relying on object concepts, and gradually extends to the advanced issues the student will encounter when using the objective approach.

The aim of the course is to: 

  • familiarize the student with the universal concepts of computer programming, 
  • present the syntax, semantics and basic data types of the C++ language, discuss the principles of the object-oriented model and its implementation in the C++ language, and demonstrate the means to resolve typical implementation problems with the help of standard C++ language libraries, 
  • align the course to the C++ Institute CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer certification.
  • Module 0: explains the process of installing and using the programming environment.
  • Module 1: introduces common computer programming concepts, e.g. integers and variables.
  • Module 2: discusses advanced flow control and data aggregates. 
  • Module 3: introduces the subject of pointers, functions and memory. 
  • Module 4: examines ways to access various kinds of data. 
  • Module 5: gives an introduction to the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.  
  • Module 6: discusses the subject of inheritance. 
  • Module 7: considers the subject of exceptions. 
  • Module 8: discusses the subject of operators and enumerated types.

A basic understanding of programming fundamentals is recommended.

C++ Certified Associate Programmer 

Professional certification that measures a test candidate’s ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the basics of programming in the C++ language and the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming.

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