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Nivo:For IT professionals
Prodajalec:Web developer
Kategorija prodajalca:Web developer
Trajanje (dni):5
Tip učenja:V učilnici
Cena:750€ + DDV

To begin with, we will look at what Github cloud hosting service offers us, how Git works, how to use it and everything else about the version control tools.
Following that, we will learn everything about the Bootstrap framework, which is used for the development of most modern websites.
In the process we will also learn to use one or two of the CSS preprocessors: LESS and SASS/SCSS, which will allow us to write elegant code itself.
We will convert, minify and copy our styles and scripts with the task runner Gulp, which will speed up the development and automate our work.
The objective of this course is to build a simple website with the use of all these tools and publish it on Github.

Git and GitHub

  • Install open source terminal (console) for Windows
  • Git commands and specifications
  • Github - cloud hosting for the source code
  • Connect to Github via SSH protocol



  • Front-end framework for the website development
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Implementation of the website
  • Use of Bootstrap components



  • Pre-processors for CSS
  • Elegant code writing
  • Methods for converting LESS and SCSS code to CSS



  • Automate the development of websites
  • NodeJS and NPM installation
  • Use of NPM packages
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of semantic HTML and CSS tags
  • Some familiarity with command line interfaces is helpful


If you have ever developed any static HTML website and would like to deepen your knowledge, the course is perfect for you.

This course is also suitable for "back-end" developers who would like to be up to date with "front-end" development and for those who would like to learn how to use Git and Github.

Trenutno ni na voljo nobenih terminov. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte na telefonsko številko: 01 568 40 40 ali trzenje@housing.si.