.Net Framework for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developers

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Nivo:For IT professionals
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Teme:ERP, Developer
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Microsoft .NET Framework Interoperability is a powerful addition to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but many developers are still unfamiliar with .NET in general and capabilities of the interoperability feature of NAV.

This two-day course guides you through .NET Framework, how it interoperates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and enables you to take advantage of this most powerful development framework from NAV.

During the first day you will learn the basics of the .Net Framework. By doing exercises you will explore .Net classes that are very useful. Based on these exercises the different object oriented principles and concepts of the .Net Framework architecture will be highlighted and explained.

The second day will bring more advanced examples and exercises. During this day you will learn the basics of C# programming. At the end of this day you will be able to create custom .Net assemblies using Visual Studio. And you will know how to deploy these assemblies in a Dynamics NAV environment.

Day 1

General overview of Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Architecture
  • Deployment

Overview of .NET Interoperability

  • C/AL Features
  • Deployment options

Using DotNet variables

  • Constructors
  • Methods and properties
  • Events

Common Type System

  • C/AL and .NET type mapping
  • Type information in .NET
  • Type-casting

Object-Oriented Concepts

  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Dynamic and static classes and members

Working with enumerations

  • Declaring in .NET
  • Consuming in C/AL

Useful functionality

  • Arrays
  • Collections
  • Dictionaries
  • Date, time
  • Numbers
  • StringBuilder
  • Regular Expressions


Day 2

Advanced .NET Interoperability topics

  • Accessing Operating System, Files and Environment
  • Streaming
  • Client-side and Server-side execution

Language and programming capabilities of .NET

  • Object oriented concepts
  • Code structure
  • C# syntax

Developing a custom class library

  • Creating a class library
  • Adding methods and properties
  • Adding events
  • Deploying the class library
  • Consuming the class library

Error handling and debugging .NET Code

  • Error handling in C#
  • Error handling in NAV
  • Debugging .NET Interoperability
  • Debugging Client Add-ins
  • Knowledge of C/AL development
  • Laptop with: Dynamics NAV (version 2015 or higher), Visual Studio 2015


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