Dynamics NAV/365BC Service Management Course

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Predavatelji:Peik Bech-Andersen, Marko Jurjevec
Teme:ERP, End user
Trajanje (dni):3
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Cena:2.150€ + DDV

The Service Management functions in Business Central can help companies exceed customer expectations and improve brand loyalty by:

  • Scheduling recurring service calls as part of a service, warranty, or maintenance contracts;
  • Assigning service personnel and technicians according to skill level and availability;
  • Tracking inventory parts and supplies;
  • Standardizing service contracts, including pricing, discounts, and contract agreements.

Many industries can use service management, such as repair shops, installers, landscaping professionals, and computer sales and service. The module helps these companies provide ongoing service to their customers, warranty or maintenance, or repair and maintenance as needed.

Because the Service Management module is already embedded in Business Central, no additional software or integration is required to implement it. More importantly, it ties directly into your ERP functionality, including AR and GL, warehouse management, customer billing, etc.

Service Order Management: Post-sales service issues, including service requests, repair requests, and after-sales service, whether part of the service agreement or a customer request, can be managed in a single location. You can also track loaned equipment and one-off service orders.

Pricing Management: Use Business Central to establish pricing for your services. Establish pricing groups using a variety of criteria, such as service items or item groups, tasks, customer segment, or time periods. Pricing can be applied to groups automatically based on a combination of fixed prices, discounted prices, minimum prices, or maximum prices.

Manage Service Items: Record your service items such as contract information, BOM reference, and component management. Perform deep analysis in real time for maximum visibility and insight.

Service Contract Management: Set up and manage customer service agreements, including:

  • Create contract templates
  • Record contract history and renewals
  • Manage warranty obligations for services, spare parts, maintenance, etc.
  • Track service details, such as response times, service levels, service history, parts and labor, and more

Service Planning and Scheduling: Assign service personnel and technicians by skills and availability. Prioritize service tasks and ensure the proper repair and replacement parts are available to service personnel.

Participants of the Dynamics Service management training:

  • IT employees responsible for Dynamics ERP system and Dynamics manufacturing system.
  • Those responsible in Service management who cooperate with IT in the design, implementation and management of manufacturing IT solutions.
  • Consultants.
  • Developers of Dynamics solutions.


Course Overview

Designed for anyone new to the Service Department or the Service sector in general, this day is geared around the end-user using the Service Module within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You’ll learn the basics around the service item card, service contracts, service quotes, service orders and service invoicing.

You’ll learn even more about how the Service Module is setup within Dynamics 365 Business Central including linking service orders to jobs as well as reporting.

Education is based on the principle of theory and exercise presentation, exercise performance, review and debate.

Day 1

- Service Item Card

- Service Contract Quotes

- Service Contracts

  • Invoicing a Service Contract
  • Crediting a Service Contract Invoice

- Service Quotes

- Service Orders

- Planning and Dispatching

  • Allocating Resources through the Dispatch Board

- Service Order Usage

  • Posting Items/G/L Account & Resource Usage
  • Entering and Posting Timesheets for a Service Order
  • Difference between Posting and Consuming

- Invoicing a Service Order

  • Invoicing a Service Order
  • Crediting a Service Invoice

Day 2

- Service Management Setup

  • Service Item Groups
  • Service Order Types
  • Fault Codes/Fault Area Codes/Symptom Codes/Resolution Codes/Fault Reason Codes
  • Repair Status Setup
  • Service Costs

- Service Orders

  • Creating Service Orders for Planned Events

- Service Order Planning

- Linking Service Orders to Jobs

  • Posting consumption from a Service Order to a Job

- Service Contracts

  • Creating Batch of Service Contract Invoices
  • Post Prepaid Contract Entries

- Reporting

Day 3

- Advanced functionalities and features.

- Customizations.

- Case study 1

- Case study 2

- Presentations of trainees: challenges in their companies in Service Management.

- Q&A

A solid foundation in navigating the Dynamics 365 Business Central application.

Proficiency in inventory management, sales, and purchasing processes in Business Central.

There is no certification at Microsoft for this modul of Dynamics.

Peik Bech-Andersen

Author's books about Dynamics manufacturing

(all students get books at the academy)


I am a solution architect and senior developer stationed in Denmark, implementing solutions all-over the world, specializing in advanced manufacturing combined with master data replication and Intercompany solutions.

I first saw Navision in 1984 at the beta testing program of PcPlus. I started implementing manufacturing solutions in 1983 on IBM S/36 systems. Since the Dynamics NAV manufacturing module was released, I have implemented at least 50 Manufacturing solutions in all kinds of different businesses. Starting as an accountant in a production company and moving on to implementing systems, I have both the accounting, the development and the implementation background.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have conducted courses the last 10 years in topics like Dynamics NAV programming, installation, finance, trade, warehouse management and manufacturing. During the 10 years, I have had around 150 courses with at least 800 participants in 14 countries. I maintain a blog in Mibuso.com where I writes about both programming, installation and application topics. Usually topics discussed during courses or customer implementations.

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7. oktober 2024 - 9. oktober 2024

  • Cena: 2.150€ + DDV
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  • Izvajalci: Peik Bech-Andersen, Marko Jurjevec
  • 07.10.2024, 09:00-17:00
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