Programming 2: Objects and GUI (Graphical user interface)

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Nivo:For IT professionals
Kategorija prodajalca:Microsoft .NET Framework
Trajanje (dni):4
Tip učenja:V učilnici in/ali preko spleta
Cena:950€ + DDV

This is a second course in a series of courses. This course is intended to participants which has obtained knowledge from precious course or to participants which already know how to write programs but are ready to jump into object oriented programming. 

  • Jumpstart
    • Concept and technology
    • Knowledge refreshment
  • XAML
    • XML refreshment
    • XAML structure
  • Let’s give a game GUI
    • How
    • Events
  • Objects
    • Understanding of objects
    • Objects and methods
    • Variable access level
    • Namespace
  • Collections
    • Types of collections
    • Working with collections
    • LINQ operations on collections
  • Local database
    • SQLite
    • Entity framework
    • DB operations
  • Exceptions
    • Exception handling
    • Exception logging
  • Server calling
    • HTTPS
    • Avtentication
  • JSON
    • JSON what?
    • Why JSON
    • JSON libraries

This course is technical, as it is second course it is expected that participants already know basics of programming. It is also expected from participants that they have a basic knowledge about SQL and XML-ja.

Trenutno ni na voljo nobenih terminov. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte na telefonsko številko: 01 568 40 40 ali