Programming IoT Bootcamp

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Nivo:For IT professionals
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Cena:990€ + DDV

Overview of IoT development on Arduino, ESP32 and ARM platforms using Python and C ++ programming languages. Classification of IoT devices according to capabilities and function in the complex scenario, and examples of use.


The development of IoT applications is on the rise, so we are preparing an interesting workshop where you will prepare yourself to develop your own IoT solutions. For this purpose, you will receive concrete IoT modules and all the equipment necessary for the development of more demanding solutions at the workshop. The emphasis will be on understanding the concept of programming IoT devices (i.e. no operating system, but more or less lower level programming - GPIO, I2C, SPI interfaces).  The goal of the workshop is not to create simple solutions, but to inspect the development and description of the problem you encounter when developing more serious solutions, the state of development in the world, and the integration of IoT devices with back-office systems either in a dwelling, factory or company.  The purpose is to deepen the state-of-the-art knowledge and knowledge in the market of amateur and semi-professional IoT solutions (robotics and industrial IoT engineering are excluded).

The Bootcamp workshop is designed to start from scratch. You need a basic understanding of the processor architecture (RAM + CPU + registers) and a rough understanding of simple electrical circuits.  Assuming that is something you have already met with in elementary and secondary school, we will be able to quickly revise all the necessary knowledge, with an emphasis on the ultimate goal, which is the production of more demanding IoT solutions, which of course connect to the Internet. At the same time, you need at least a basic conceptual understanding of the networks and the functioning of websites.

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